Our history


1977. Sparco was born from the dream of two young drivers to bring more safety and style to motorsport. After more than 40 years, the dream is a consolidated reality that continues to combine passion and technology without neglecting the traditional elegance of an Italian brand: design, innovation and high quality have become the DNA of an "icon" brand. of world motorsport.

From gloves to suits, from belts to seats, SPARCO® is the leading brand in the production of equipment for professional pilots and racing machines in all types of competition.


2013. SPARCO® enters the fashion and style market by creating the SPARCO® Fashion brand, a collection of sports and everyday footwear, available only online at

SPARCO® Fashion was created with the aim of offering motorsport enthusiasts the opportunity to assert their style every day even off the track, to feel like a driver at all times. Sparco's DNA applied to the world of fashion and style: passion , design and high quality to describe the traits of a line of shoes designed for those who love motorsport and want to live their passion every day.

Design & Quality

- Materials . All the materials used in the production of the shoes are designed to give you the best in terms of comfort and durability. From the Action leather of the SP-F series to the genuine leather of Imola & Monza. Ultra flexible for ease of foot movement
- 100% Made in Italy production . Our PREMIUM COLLECTION laboratories and production centers are located in Italy, where the best production standards of the Italian tradition are applied and respected.
- Adhesion of the shape . Skinny fit that's as comfortable as it is snug, allows for easy movement in the bottom bracket area
- Continuous heel . The heel is rounded for a more comfortable riding position and better control when switching from one pedal to the other

Racing Spirit Collection

When a challenge ends and it's time to take our foot off the accelerator, we want to continue feeling like pilots every moment… All those moments when we don't want to stop being who we are. The Sparco Fashion Esprit Racing shoe line is designed for this. To give you a comfortable and iconic driving shoe to wear every day and always feel the thrill of the Racing Spirit around you.


It is a versatile line of shoes suitable for everyday life, for commuting to the office, for driving on a weekend or on vacation, or for a walk along the seafront with the greatest comfort, quality and style . Ideal for a combination with elegant trousers or jeans. To always feel connected to a story of motors and passion wherever you are.

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